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Villa Aina Fishing
Fishing | Villa Aina

Fishing   In collaboration with the fishing association of Laško we organize the fishing of trouts in the river Gračnica as well as a...

November 15, 2019
Villa Aina Cycling
Cycling | Villa Aina

Cycling   The hotel is situated at the cycle path going through – Laško, Doblatino, Jurklošter, Rimske Toplice, Laško. Cycling is a good...

November 15, 2019
Villa Aina Running and Walking
Running and Walking | Villa Aina

Running and Walking   A paved trail goes along the bank of Savinja from the hotel to the town of Laško, perfectly suited for running and...

November 15, 2019
Villa Aina Hiking
Hiking | Villa Aina

Hiking   The small mountain Hum ascends behind our hotel. It is a beautiful destination for short mountain hikes. Enjoy longer hiking trips on...

November 15, 2019
Villa Aina Winter Sports
Winter Sports | Villa Aina

Winter Sports   Celjska koča (the Celje hut) with its hinterland is a part of a country side on the southern part of the Celje valley, for...

November 15, 2019
Villa Aina Paragliding
Paragliding | Villa Aina

Paragliding   Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying. flight gives you a unique sense of freedom, raises...

November 15, 2019
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